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Week 5 of Advisory 1

We are beginning week 5 of the school year!  Thank you to all for your creativity and perseverance as we implement a new master schedule!

The focus of this week continues to be on relationship building, and co-creation of norms with students.  At the same time, it is important to find out from students what their interests are in relation to your content, so that together you can design learning experiences that are engaging and motivational.

Diagnostics should be complete at this time.  All classes should be fully engaged in the production of their projects, through the use of the workshop model (Opening - Mini-lesson – guided practice – work-period – revision- closing)

Buddy Teacher Program

A Buddy Teacher is a veteran CHEC teacher who will be paired with a new teacher (new to teaching or an experienced teacher new to CHEC) to provide support throughout the 2023-2024 school year. A Buddy Teacher is expected to introduce themselves and check-in with their buddy regularly. Buddy Teachers will provide their buddy guidance on navigating things ranging from how to print to IMPACT to classroom management tips and tricks. Buddy Teachers are not expected to be experts on all topics but, when needed, should point their buddies to the people in the building who are experts. Our goals through the Buddy Teacher Program are to a) provide new teachers with more supports, b) create a stronger sense of belonging for new teachers, c) cultivate an environment where all teachers feel they have the resources they need to succeed, and d) foster a culture of shared leadership within our CHEC community.

Instructional Calendar

The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events. The Instructional Calendar can be found on the CHEC Corner on Canvas, and you have also received an invitation to share the calendar.   If you have any requests for additions to the Instructional Calendar, please contact Ms. Massoni, Mr. Whitney, or Ms. Bruemmer.

Professional Development

We will host a three day professional development at CHEC  in Project Based Learning, by PBL Works on October 18, 19, and 20.  Details forthcoming.

There is also an upcoming Professional Development on our two new Advisory Curricula, Wayfinder, and We do it for the Culture. Dates are forthcoming.

The ALT team is serving to guide our Redesign and our Comprehensive School Plan, and will be meeting every two weeks.  The second ALT team Meeting was Tuesday, September 19.  Notes can be found here found here. The agenda  included presentations by students who attended the Camp Horizons Design Sprints to the Culture of Achievement Domain.  The other Domains continued their work in revising our Comprehensive School Plan SY 2023-24 CSP_CHEC.docx. The coaching team presented to all who are engaged in coaching.  All staff are invited to attend the ALT team meeting, as well as students and parents.  One of our goals in the Shared Leadership Domain is to increase the number of staff and students attending, with an emphasis on those who have not participated in the past. We need to hear all voices on the ALT!

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