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Restorative justice empowers students to resolve conflicts in small groups, often in a talking circle.
Hi CHEC Family! The Culture team will highlight Positive OutLook and Celebrations this week. We have held a POSITIVE outlook on learning from home! At home, we have adjusted to learning virtually and collaborated with our colleagues and student via Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, Instagram, etc. We have PERSEVERED to learn what we do not know; we reflected and requested assistance when needed. We have won many short races and will continue to win.  Let us continue to run this marathon and build self- confidence, persist with perseverance, and support the students and staff along the way! Celebrate your selves and your students all week.

We are still actively hosting RJ circles each day between 12p and 1p w/ the culture team for both MS and HS students. We are also offering Staff Support Circles on Wednesdays at @3pm and Fridays at 8 am on TEAMS. We are pushing to have 100% of students, and staff members receive SEL resources to enhance relationships, build community, and support their emotional health. Please join us as we offer our support to staff during this challenging time and encourage our students to participate in our RJ check-ins. As Griffins and Knights, we stand together! Last but not least, follow us on IG checdc

Ms. Bowens

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