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CHEC hosts students from Cat Island - The Bahamas as part of the study abroad program.

Professional Development and learning is a priority for all of us, and we are all on a new learning curve.

Here is the link for topics being covered in office hours this week:

Join the Summit Master Course Training each Tuesday during the first 30 minutes of your planning period to learn new Summit Projects and PLT Best Practices!

Ms. Ramirez- Building engaging content assessments and checks for understanding

Ms. Zuccarello- Focus Area Workshops and Mentoring during PLT

Contact Veronica Zuccarello or Gabriela Ramirez with any questions.

You can find the link for all office hours on the CHEC EdTech Course Homepage Link to office hours

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know, mya.ferguson@k12.dc.gov.
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