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CHEC bulletin for Week of January 11, 2021
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all for your continued support, flexibility and dedication to our students and school community.  This past week we finalized our staffing plan, and I met with over 60 members of our staff together with SLC Administrators, to describe their upcoming role in in-person learning.  I realize that this is a very difficult time for all of us, and the challenges associated with returning in person after such a long time in a virtual setting, are significant.

I also believe that in person instruction is needed by many of our students, and we have examples locally, nationally and internationally of how to provide this opportunity safely.  We are meeting and discussing lessons learned with schools that have been open, including our own daycare at CHEC.   We will continue to refine, adjust, and respond to feedback, so that we provide the safest possible setting for all of us to be together in-person with our students.

Please continue to share your ideas, thoughts and concerns, and we  will continue to provide all information available, and to advocate for any additional changes and/or safeguards that should be taken.  I have been so inspired by the flexibility and commitment many of our have shared, and I know we will approach this as one united team.

The major focus for this week will be finalizing the master schedule for in-person instruction, and sending invitations to the parents and students who have been identified.  Because a large part of our in-person instruction will be taking place on Wednesday, we will need to modify the WUW schedule for Second semester.  The schedule for virtual sessions will need to mirror and complement and be coordinated with what is being provided in person.  The Admin team has been working on a suggested schedule, and there will be a meeting on Wednesday, January 13 at 3:30 pm for all those interested in providing input.

Thank you CHEC Team, for all you do.  Please see below the key tasks and updates for this week:


Next steps  include:
  • Our Staffing Plan was submitted January 6th.
  • Our Operational Plan was submitted January 8th.
  • Staff Notification of In-Person Assignments were sent January 8
  • Virtual PD on TEAMS for all staff returning in Person – January 13
  • Seat Offers for Students begin – January 11
  • Courses Scheduled in ASPEN – January 15
  • Walk through of Buildings with Stakeholder Representatives – Week of January 21
  • Master Schedule for In Person Complete – January 22
  • Classroom Set Up and PD for Staff Returning in-person – January 27
  • Last day of Advisory 2 and School wide record keeping and PD day- January 29
  • TERM Begins – Virtual and In-Person – February 1

COVID-19 Vaccination Information Session for Educators
The District of Columbia Department of Health (DC Health) continues to make progress with our COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning. Please join DC Health on Tuesday, January 12 from 10-11am, as they share general information on COVID vaccines as it relates to the District’s education sector. This DC Health session is intended for teachers and school staff but will not be DCPS-specific.

DCPS distribution information is forthcoming. .
Tuesday, Jan. 12, 10am  Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Meeting number: 180 711 7509
Password: AecxxCqP733 9c9c6b36aa0d410e9a4a246f5c1715b7.
Join by phone: 1-202-860-2110 United States Toll (Washington D.C.); 1-650-479-3208 call-in toll number (US/Canada) - access code: 180 711 7509


  • Shout out to all who supported our LSAT Reopen Community Corp Meetings!
  • Shout out to all SLC Administrators for identifying our student cohorts for our Reopening and for continuing to plan for scheduling!
  • Kudos to the Ops Team for completing our Operations Plan!
  • Shout out to Mr. Domingo for acquiring 100 laptops to give to CHEC Seniors!


Columbia Heights Education Campus’s great teachers deserve to be recognized! We’re proud to partner with Honored Schools again this year to do just that! Go to HonoredSchools.org to tell Columbia Heights Education Campus teachers how they’ve made a difference. Please share this with parents and students! Once recognized, teachers get an email with your recognition story and we’ll celebrate them! Last year our very own Ms. Ramirez won the Life-Changing Teacher Award and a $5000 cash award!

All Departments and SLC’s send individual notifications of their meetings

Monday, January 11, 2021

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
A-NET 3 ELA (1,2)

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
PD for all who will be providing In-Person – 9-11:30 am, 1 to 3:00 pm
9:30 a.m. CHEC Parent Workshop en Espanol
3:30 pm  – Office Hours for Input on Revised WUW schedule

Thursday, January 14, 2021
11:30 a.m. CHEC Parent Workshop in English

Friday, January 15, 2021


We are beginning the 9th week of the second advisory.   By this week the first GRASPS of the advisory should be  complete, should have received feedback, and students should be revising as necessary.  There is one week until the second advisory portfolio presentations,  and in the independent work period of the class, students should be reflecting and revising work, in preparation for portfolio presentations and exams.  All students should also have received direct instruction in how to organize their portfolios and what the required exhibits are.

There are 11 instructional days left in this advisory, and during this time, students must prepare for portfolios, final exams, and ANET/AP interims.

This week, ANET will be given in grades 6 through 10.

In reflecting upon the First Advisory portfolio presentations, we saw that in order for students to speak authentically on the essential questions of the unit, it is important to weave those questions throughout the instructional process. Other reflections and suggestions to consider as we progress through the second advisory:
Take advantage of Break Out rooms as a way to engage students in more academic discourse with each other and reduce the amount of teacher talk.

Provide incentives and fun ways for students to come on camera daily, so that when it comes time to present their portfolios, they are ready to come on camera and speak in front of others.  For example, let students know a week in advance, when their turn will be to come on camera and show their work or present something.  Then, provide badges or other incentives. The Dean Team will be visiting classes to assist in promoting a higher level of engagement.


The Instructional Calendar is a living document that houses all the major curricular requirements, assessments, and schoolwide events. The Instructional Calendar is complete for the moment, however changes may be made and will be noted.  If you have any requests for additions to the Instructional Calendar, please contact Mr. Magee,, peter.magee@k12.dc.gov, or your SLC Administrator.


Informal observations for teachers have begun and will continue until every teacher has had at least one informal observation. Once you have had an informal observation and feedback, the formal observation will take place.

As a follow up to our IMPACT orientation, we are creating a library of practices and videos to support development on particular EP’s. As we discussed, we are all in a learning curve with virtual instruction and will be learning from each other throughout the year.  If you would like to share a best practice and be videotaped for the video library, please let your SLC Administrator know.


Professional Development and learning is a priority for all of us.

Here are the EdTech Professional Development/Office Hours that are being offered this week:

Are you trying to figure out how to create a CSC in the virtual setting? Are you racking your brain to figure out portfolio presentations or you just have a question about the best way to do something? Join Mr. Magee or Ms. Ferguson to receive support and have your questions answered. Office hours and links are below.  

Mr. Magee- Mondays 9:30-11:30 am Click this link to join
Ms. Ferguson- Wednesdays 4-5pm  Click this link to join and Thursdays 12:30-1:15 pm
Click this link to join Ms. Ramirez - Office Hours

If you need any help to improve your lessons, get ideas on strategies or tools you can use to make your lessons more engaging or aligned across grade level, and even get technical support, join my office hours as follows:

Monday 5:00 - 6:00 pm and Tuesday – Friday 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Ms. Ramirez meeting link

Summit Advisory 2 Portfolio Info Session: Best Practices, Planning and Q+A
Portfolio Presentations are just 2 weeks away! Join Ms. Z for a session on preparing for and facilitating Virtual Portfolio Presentations on Summit Learning. Both after school and planning time presentations available: Monday: 4-5 PM and Tuesday: 3rd and 4th period planning, and 4-5 PM
Ms. Zuccarello’s Link to Session

Ms. Vialpando’s Office Hours
Ms. Vialpando is having weekly office hours to support our language learners and instructional strategies for reading. Her office hours will take place on Thursdays from 3:30-5 pm  Link to Mrs. Vialpando’s office hours

PGT Office Hours
Ms. Nimer and Ms. Carino

Tuesdays 12-1 pm Click this link to join
This office hour/block will cover how to support students/families who are experiencing transition or who do not have stable housing. We will cover mandates, homeless liaison role, community referrals, and how CHEC/staff community can support our students who are in transition, MTSS supports, and behavior interventions.  

PGT Support w/Various members of the Personal Growth Team
Fridays 9:30-11 Click this link to join

You can receive support with social/emotional supports, behavioral supports, mandated reporter supports, at-risk students, MTSS supports, and other concerns.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ms. Ferguson

As part of our mission to develop as leaders in the quest for social justice, it is important that we continually review and revise our curriculum to align it to social justice and anti-racism.  Please take advantage of this great opportunity.  T

Black Lives Matter at School 2021 Curriculum Fair

Please join Teaching for Change and the D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice network for a virtual Black Lives Matter at School Curriculum Fair, co-hosted by Howard University's School of Education, on Saturday, January 30 from 10:00 am - 12: 30 PM ET. Teachers will have the opportunity to: - Join workshops featuring lessons related to the BLM at School Week of Action - Hear from guest speakers and panelists - Receive a FREE e-book for remote instruction Learn about previous BLM at School curriculum fairs here: https://www.dcareaeducators4socialjustice.org/news/black-lives-matter-curriculum-fair and RSVP below.



Ms. Vialpando’s classroom project  "UNISEX Creative Coding"  was recently funded by Donors Choose.

My Students
My students are spirited and joyful 6th graders, who are interested in coding, enjoy writing and socializing. A third of my class is ESL, a few are SPED and a couple have tailored 504 plans. They enjoy storytelling and recognizing each other and supporting each other on good days and bad ones. Lately, my computer freezes or is slow. The glitches increase and have a negative impact on my students' achievement and they want to learn how to code. Each student requires my personalized attention every day to provide academic assistance and encouragement during virtual instruction and learning.

My Project
I am learning how to code with students. I'd like them to learn with SCRATCH and other programs such as BRAINPOP how to be the future software engineers. Every day I market reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and game based instruction sells the best to engage students as the entry point to get into history, English Literature, science, and languages. My hardware has failed me.

The students are learning how to create a newscast or narrative with a creative coding program on BrainPop, Scratch, which will lead them to learn additional software languages. I am learning, too, along with the students. Sometimes, I am the teacher and other times the students teach me how to teach them best. I have learned that my useful PC hardware does not suffice to the demands and requirements of my students during my personalize learning time and instruction in class.

Learning outcomes are to set the foundation for future STEAM engineers. I want my 13 students to practice and use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Science as well as other languages to solve the future problems of the world and get along with others every day. I don't know what the future may bring but I will mentor and grow students daily so they will be prepared, be willing to take on challenges, and be innovative as advocates and stewards of their communities.

The resources for this project include:
  • Apple - USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter - White x 1
  • Apple - 10.2-Inch iPad (Latest Model) with Wi-Fi - 128GB - Space Gray x 1
  • AppleCare+ for iPad Orig & Mini - 2-year plan x 1
  • DonorsChoose - Kensington Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic - headset x 1
  • OtterBox - Defender Series Case for Apple iPad 10.2' (7th Generation 2019 & 8th Generation 2020)  Black x 1
  • Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) x 1

The DonorsChoose team

P.S. Check out your school page at DonorsChoose to see all the teachers posting projects from your school. You can trade tips and tricks with colleagues to get your projects funded.

Hello CHEC Family!

We hope you all are well. The Dean Team would like to share a few friendly reminders.

Teacher Resource:
With the events on January 6th occurring in Washington DC, we thought it would help share this resource with you. New Teaching Idea from Facing History that was shared by the Central office Equity team. This resource provides high-level themes - starting with self-reflection - and tools for engaging colleagues and students. We have you in mind and know these events may be challenging to process. Please share with the Dean team if you found this resource helpful

CHEC Happening:
What's happening at CHEC? Reopen is just around the corner, and we have been busy planning and preparing for both students and teachers to return. During the Faculty meeting, we share a presentation listing the School Norms with Covid-19 safety guidelines. Please use the link attached to access the presentation and inserted materials. Also, check out the Activities and Trips Tab to the Canvas hub. https://dcps.instructure.com/courses/206982
Student Name                 
Samir Espinal-Mendoza
Jose Casarrubias
Liliana Valasquez
Julio Perez-Rodriguez
Henry Gualip-Moran
Edward Walker
Cristian Martinez
Student Support Forms:
Also, we have created a padlet which has the student support form and the behavior referral form. Please bookmark this padlet for future reference: CHEC Student Support Guide. Feel free to connect with the Dean Team if you have any questions.

Peace & Love,
The Dean Team
Happy New Year CHEC family!  On Thursday, January 14th at 4:30pm, the DCIAA will host Part #2 of the 4-part student-athlete Sports Education Series for high school student-athletes.  Leadership Summit #2 will focus on Student-Athlete Health and Wellness.  Please see the attached flyer to access this event.  We are extremely excited about this event and we are counting on you to ensure a great turnout.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Coach A.  We look forward to seeing our CHEC student-athletes engaging in this powerful and impactful event.

Are you missing the spirit of competition because you haven't been able to compete on the playing field yet?  Then join our inaugural Esports team!  You must be at least 13 years old and have access to a PlayStation 4.  If you are interested in Esports (even if you don't have a PlayStation 4), reach out to Coach Duvall at ryan.duvall@k12.dc.gov.

The District of Columbia State Athletic Association (DCSAA) recently announced that unfortunately due to the current public health emergency all DC extracurricular activities are suspended.  As a result, our sports seasons have been pushed back.  The DCSAA is targeting Monday, February 1, as the new start of the 2020-21 athletic calendar, with the intent of holding three seven-week sport seasons.  More information will be provided as soon as it is available.  Additionally, visit https://www.thedciaa.com for more information or feel free to email Coach A at desmond.alexander@k12.dc.gov if you have any questions.
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